On top of our extensive servicing and repairs we can also provide the following items.

If there is something you need that is not listed please call us and we’ll gladly check it out for you.

All mechanical work undertaken:

- Suspension

- Brakes

- Clutches

- Gear boxes

- Engines

- DSG gear box repairs and clutch replacements

- Tow bars supplied and fitted

Please Call or Email us with the Registration

Number to provide a quote for any work required.

Supply & Fit

Parking Sensors

Colour coded to vehicle

ECU Remapping

which includes:

Free health check of all the main

running control units

Supply & Coding

of Keys

For Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Seat and Skoda

Four Wheel


MOT Testing

Air Conditioning


Tow Bars & Batteries


Exhaust Systems


Need better fuel economy and a new lease of life for your car?

We provide an eco remapping service. Before any work is carried out we perform a free engine health check which includes a diagnostic check to ensure your engine is in tip top condition before any changes are made.


We offer 4 wheel alignment because it is vital that your geometry is correct as it will save you money in many ways from lowering your MPG to reducing tyre wear, from the overall handling of the vehicle to the central position of your steering wheel which will also affect your traction control and ABS braking.

We have found that with modern day suspension and steering work carried out to replace worn or damaged parts, it is critical to have your alignment checked and adjusted.


We offer tyres at competitive prices from budgets to premiums which ever suits your pocket. 

If we do not have certain tyres in stock we can usually get them delivered the same day.


We specialise in Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat carrying all the information back up and specialist tools for those brands.

We have invested heavily in the diagnostic side of the business for VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat vehicles.

We can check for updates and safety recalls on your car which the manufacturers send out but sometimes previous owners have not had done, updates and safety recalls solve many problems.

As modern day technology is moving forward at an alarming rate, we are constantly improving and adding to our systems back up and support to help keep you motoring.


Air conditioning systems loose refrigerant gas over time and it is important to have your air conditioning system serviced every two years to keep the system clean and your car cool.

We offer air conditioning for older refrigerant R134A and now the latest refrigerant R1234. We find that the biggest call for air conditioning is in the summer, customers find that the air conditioning isn’t working and are extremely uncomfortable in the vehicle during hot weather.

Air conditioning is very effective in both the hot summer months keeping the car cool but also during the damp, cold winter months keeping the drivers view of the road clear. When working at its’ optimal level your air conditioning system helps to filter out pollutants and any airborne bacteria, greatly improving the quality of air inside your vehicle.

Keeping your system checked on an annual basis will save you money whilst keeping you cool (people you see smiling in traffic jams on hot days have probably had their air con serviced regularly)!



Maximise the lifespan and value of your car with regular servicing at GTA Diagnostix. 

Our expert technicians are trained to service vehicles using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment. We are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service.

We will service your vehicle to dealer standards and more.

We only use OE approved products so there is no need to service your car at the expensive dealerships within the cars warranty period.

Most modern cars no longer have traditional service books but use digital servicing. We are able to register your car servicing digitally with many manufacturers.

All our services include a free engine diagnostic / health check to make you aware of any underlining problems you may have.


You are required by law to keep your car in a roadworthy condition if you use the car on public roads. Without an MOT your car insurance and road tax are invalid.

We provide an MOT service at discounted prices.

We are a government approved testing station with a qualified technician nominated by VOSA to carry out MOT testing. During the MOT we check the important parts of the vehicle to make sure they meet the legal requirements. An MOT is based on minimum standards but will advise you of the vehicles condition making you aware of any up and coming issues that may need addressing. 


When you MOT your car with us we will automatically remind you the following year, during the 28 days leading up to the expiry date.



When winter looms large, it is vital that your car is in good working order and is capable of dealing with the bad weather, more importantly it won't let you down. According to research by the recovery companies you are twice as likely to break down in the winter months. We provide a free winter check of the vital aspects ensuring that you keep motoring through the cold winter months.



We know how much people depend on their vehicles so if your car is in the workshop we can provide a free courtesy car by prior arrangement.

We can also pick up and deliver your car or give you a lift home (local area only).

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